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Benefits of Aluminum

  • RainTight Deck Systems are made of high-quality aluminum, which is rigid and durable, making our product last a lifetime.
  • RainTight Deck aluminum is both lightweight and strong. It can endure extreme temperature changes without resulting in flaws to the system.
  • Our aluminum system is also strong enough to be used in areas that receive heavy snow and ice, which could damage and tear down vinyl systems.
  • This extra strength is what allows our systems to support fans, lights and other accessories that can turn your outdoor area into your own personal oasis.
  • RainTight Deck panels can be removed after installation to allow for access, repair, and cleaning.
  • RainTight Decking comes in five different colors that are baked on and not painted on. This way the aluminum will not fade, rust or become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. They are also easy to clean.
  • Vinyl is lightweight, but it has little structural strength.
  • Vinyl can expand and contract with changing temperatures, which can cause cracks, gaps and other flaws in the system. These flaws will lead to an underdecking that is not watertight and susceptible to leaking. What good is it to spend your hard earned money on an underdecking system, if it is not watertight?
  • Vinyl systems require reinforcement when spanning long distances. These reinforcements can act as areas that trap and hold water and debris that can cause damage to both the underdecking system as well as the deck structure above it.
  • Steel is strong, but it is very heavy especially for a residential ceiling product. Steel must be galvanized or protected in some other way from rust. The cut ends and trimmed areas of a steel underdeck system are still susceptible to rust even if they are galvanized.
  • Vinyl and Steel both have very limited color selections and in most cases just white or beige.
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